Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Child's Training Bible

Let me first start by saying this was not my idea.  To find the Child's Training Bible go to the link  You can buy their package.

The kids and I have made our own version of the CTB.  On the inside cover, the kids find several character topics (this is taped onto the page). These are the following topics I have chosen........

They are all color coordinated with the same color sticky tab.  The kids and I over the past couple weeks have been going through the Bible, highlighting verses related to each topic (the highlighter also corresponds in color to the tabs and cover page).  Now we have a quick reference to turn to when we are in need of dealing with a particular character issue.  If I find the kids struggling with something, I can now have them go look up verses so we can discuss what God has to say about that trait.  I can also use it for copywork practice, and they can also use it for their own bible study.

We can continually add more verses as we find them.  I'm really happy with how they turned out!!


  1. That does look like it would work really well! To have the references marked where you can readily find what you're looking for is great. So glad that it's working for you all.

    Thanks for sharing and love and hugs to all

  2. I've looked at the CTB before too... I like the concept of it.