Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy birthday hubby

Here is hubby's yearly staff photo.  Can you spot him (all eyes and forehead of him!!)  If you need a hint, he is on the right hand side.

In other news, it was hubby's birthday yesterday.  (He was born on his Grandma's birthday....happy birthday Grandma!)  I made my first truffle and it was good....(a little rich but the kids sure loved it!).  I've been trying out a bunch of new recipes over the last 2 weeks and it has been quite yummy!  Most of the dishes are in the crockpot (bonus!!).  We've had crock pot potato soup, chicken cordon bleu, chicken ranch tacos, chicken and dumplings, bbq pull-apart chicken sandwiches...and I'm waiting to try the parmasean chicken.  I've also found a recipe for the most DELICIOUS bread and breakfast casserole.  We've already made the bread 5 times now.

And finally, we have another nephew/cousin...born the day before hubby's birthday!!  Welcome to the family....can't wait to meet you :)


  1. Well I think I found hubby but maybe not lol. Hope hubby had a great birthday. The dessert and bread look yummy - my goodness you are always trying something new - way to go. I would love to have the breakfast recipe if you don't mind - sounds good.
    Congratulatons on your new nephew and cousin - Guess what I have a new great nephew - lol
    Haven't seen him yet but I am sure he is a cutie.
    Hope you are all keeping well - give my love to everyone.

  2. I found him!! I'm glad hubby had a good birthday. I forgot to ask if the cards arrived on time.
    The truffle looks so scrumptious!!!! I want some!!! It is picture perfect!! Good job on the bread too. You have been busy in the kitchen,good for you.
    And yes.. the baby is so sweet!! Grandma is glad he has finally arrived. They are doing well,praise God!!!

    Love Mom

  3. Glad that hubby had a happy birthday yesterday!!! It sounded like he really enjoyed his truffle! It sure looks tasty.

    I found the forehead and eyes of my oldest. :) Thanks for sharing the picture.

    Congratulations to all on the new addition to the family!

    Good to see Aunt L on here.

    Love you all