Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My girl is growing up!

What a good look for her!!! She is all smiles :)


  1. What a beautiful girl for sure!!!!!!! Her glasses look absolutely wonderful on her. They do make her look much older. I love the poses too. So when did you know she had to have glasses and how long has she had them????

    I hope you both voted!!!
    Love Mom

  2. We did vote...my first time as an American!!
    We had our eye exam last week, and she got her glasses yesterday. She loves them!!!

  3. Oh how I love all the pictures of our beautiful-beautiful girl!!! The glasses do look great on her and like Mom said, they do make her look older as well.

    Love and hugs to all

  4. I love your new look cousin. You look beautiful! Your glasses are nice on you. I miss you very,
    very, very much. I love you.

    Love Peanut