Sunday, November 11, 2012

Walk in the park

Our weekend
as big as his head!


  1. Oh my, your smallest is just so CUTE! I'm so happy you have such a mix of kids and you also got a blue-eyed blondie girl too! Miss you! Haven't heard from you in ages!

  2. These pictures are wonderful!!! That is a very big leaf,bigger than his head. Our little guy looks so nice in that shade of blue. Our oldest sweetheart always takes a great picture as well as our middle girl. Her hair is getting long. Sweet baby girl's first picture,she looks like a little toy doll sitting there. Seems like she enjoyed playing with the leaves. Glad you all had a nice outing. It must still be quite warm.
    Thanks for sharing Alissa.
    Love you all

  3. Loved all the pictures of our sweethearts so much!!! That was quite an interesting leaf for sure. Everyone took such great pictures!!! Thanks so much sharing.

    Love and hugs to all