Wednesday, November 7, 2012



  1. How I love all three pictures of our precious grandchildren!!! They all turned out great and I love the color coordination!

    Love you all

  2. Beautiful pictures of our precious and so,so sweet grandchildren. It looks like they're growing like weeds. In the last picture,it almost looks like they could be super imposed in front of the background. Of course I know they're not.
    So was our girl having difficulty doing her school work that she needed glasses? Same age as you when you got yours I believe.
    Thanks for the response to my email so quickly sweetheart.

    Love you

  3. Third pic was just super clear! Does look like that though huh.

    She was having trouble seeing things far away and because I was that age when I got glasses, we decided to get her tested. She was .5 off on one eye and 1.25 off on the other.

  4. Love the pictures Alissa! How did you get everyone to look at the same time and get three great pictures with everyone looking, and looking normal at that? Were you dancing around and making all kinds of crazy noises? :-) That's usually what I have to do and I often don't even get one good one. Ok, so I may be a little jealous. Great pictures of my beautiful nieces and handsome nephews.

  5. Snapping fingers, tapping my foot, yelling "LOOK AT ME!!!"....hahaaha whatever it takes right?!!

  6. I can just see you doing that too! ha ha ha ha!!!!
    Love Mom