Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm here

I have not disappeared!  I just haven't been doing a whole lot lately.  We have taken a 2 month break from school (something we have not done in the past with schooling year round).  We are all looking forward to starting school back up in August and getting back into a routine once again.  

The garden is doing well.  We have been eating fresh green beans, tomatoes, cucumber and are still waiting for the sweet potato, peppers and the onions.  We found a snake hanging out on one of the green bean leaves.  Scared all the kids but I think it is just a garter snake.  

Our 'friends' continue to visit.  The deer hasn't been coming around during the day lately but I've seen her at night.  I've also seen the raccoons as well.  One actually climbed up onto the bird feeder and was eating out of it.  This guy was big too!!  We've also had quite a few rabbits in the yard which the kids love to watch.  No new birds.  We've enjoyed the Indigo Bunting all summer and our other usual birds.  We didn't get very many goldfinch this year though.  The woodpeckers and bluejays will come visit every now and then....and we have an abundance of doves, chickadees and cardinals!  

Other than that...I guess there's nothing to update on.  Baby girl did get another tooth....finally.  Number 5.  She is just soooo different than the other 4.  They all had a mouthful before they were a year old!  We haven't moved her onto chunky solids yet cause she can't chew :)  We've also discovered she loves to wrestle with the kids....especially her big sister (3 yr old).  It is so funny to watch them.  They are all such blessings! 


  1. Good to see you back!!! Glad your garden is doing so well! Nothing like good fresh veggies right out of your garden and so good for you as well.

    Glad your deer friend is returning. Just wish it was in the day so all could enjoy. Hate to hear about those pesky raccoons, though.

    Glad Baby Girl got another tooth. I definitely agree with your last comment!!! They sure are blessings, indeed!!!

    Love to all

  2. Your side panel thing is not always updating when I've finished one of my blog postings... it doesn't seem to work when I've added pictures. I written a few times recently. Thanks for your updates as well. Glad you are enjoying ALL of God's creatures!

  3. I'm glad too that your garden is doing so well. Maybe next year you will want to expand a little more. I'm sorry you're having raccoons as regular pests. So I imagine the deer are the same ones appearing all the time? They are fun to watch as well as bunnies. Hope your cold symptoms,or whatever you have is getting better.

    Love as always,