Friday, July 12, 2013

Unwelcomed guests!

So, with our deer friend visiting daily....we thought it was time we bought her some real food to munch on instead of birdseed.  We bought this wildlife mix and nicely poured it out in her usual feeding spot before heading to bed.  Well, when we heard a rustle outside, hubby and I quickly headed towards the door to peek on our friend.  We didn't find our friend.  Instead we found 2 very unwelcomed guests!!  RACCOONS!  Guess that will be the last night of wildlife food we put out on the deck!!


  1. Part of me is laughing. Stick to morning meals for your friend. Deer aren't really nocturnal. Could have been worse- skunks! :) Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Actually, the deer was at the deck last night around 1 am. I heard rustling and looked outside to see her (but scared her off) At least it wasn't the raccoons again

  3. That is too bad about the raccoons! You definitely don't want them around. Sorry for your friend, though. That was so neat how she was coming right up to your house. We, too, have seen a number of deer out at night while driving. That's when you don't want to see them. :-) That is if they're in the road.

    Love you all

  4. No sweetheart,you sure don't want raccoons around!! Last year I was woke up by a raccoon outside on our shed. They aren't anyone's choice of a visitor to have.
    Love to all