Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sonight curriculum

Recently an article was posted about Ken Ham by the cofounder of Sonlight...a popular curriculum used among Christian homeschoolers.  I'm going to sum up the article for you but I've posted the link below.
We, as Christians, need to be very careful which curriculum we choose for our children.  I'm not saying all of Sonlight's curriculum is bad but we can see the approach that Sonlight has taken when it comes to Biblical viewpoints especially about the origins of the earth.  Sonlights position is that they present different world views about how the earth is created and show that Christians can differ in what they parents you are free to teach your children which viewpoint you hold to.
 I believe the Bible is VERY clear on the origins of the earth and to suggest that Christians can differ on this viewpoint is not biblical!!  We need to be teaching our children God's absolute truth with no compromise.  We DO need to teach them what the world believes and show them through scripture why those views are wrong.  But we certainly do not need to present different world views with the idea that it is OK for Christians to differ on what they believe!!

Here is the link to the entire article

*I can't believe the sheer disrespect and rudeness towards Ken Ham from Holzmann.  What a reflection of his character which is another reason I would never recommend Sonlight to anyone!!*

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  1. Very interesting. Ken's cousin always had nice things to say about him, and the Pope was never on the list. Kidding. I'm glad everyone is doing well. I need to get back to blogging. I think I'm more in shock it's finally summer. Come visit me!!! :)