Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow storm

So we knew a big storm was headed our way!  Not just because the weather radar was telling us, but because the animals were too!!  These pictures are the afternoon before the snow storm started.  Our front yard was full of bluejays, the side hills had a rafter of wild turkeys and a herd of deer.  (Poor picture quality because they were so far away!!)  This morning when we woke up, our side deck had inches of snow piled up on it!  Hubby got the tractor out again and plowed a path up to the road.  The kids got some schoolwork done this morning and are now out enjoying the wintery afternoon :)


  1. That is so neat being able to see all the birds and animals like that. That was quite a storm up your way. Glad the kids were able to enjoy the snow. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Only in Canada ah.......Ha Ha
    Love Dad

  3. I love the nature pictures. How wonderful looking out your window seeing all these things.
    So hubby is fed up with it ( snow ) all now huh ? ;) I myself would like to see less of it. I want to go out walking again.
    Thank you for your email. I was so excited to get mail !!! I absolutely love the new photo of you above for sure. Looking great sweetheart !!!