Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Busy morning already.  More babies arrived today!!  First, a picture of the chicks....they are already getting wing feathers and tail feathers.  But man are they still tiny compared to the geese that arrived today!!  The small ones are Sweet Emily ducks (white layers - haven't had a duck egg before!!!)  and the larger ones are White Embdem geese (from Germany).  They are so soft and I love their bills....big nostrils!!
And finally....a pic of my little troublemaker :)  She thought she needed a little lotion!


  1. Great pictures Alissa - a lot of eggs and chicken dinners coming up...NO??? - they are so cute when they are little like that. Love the lotion hands - just trying to keep that baby soft skin Mom.

  2. Hi
    You guys are having toooo much fun .I'm coming down soon.
    Love Dad

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the video! That was cute with the lotion hands. Reminds me of her older sister with the vaseline probably when she was about that age. Can't wait to see all the baby chicks, ducks and geese. Hope the little goose that hit the food container didn't knock itself out. Got a laugh from that one.