Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to routine

We are back home now, things are settling back into routine again, and I am missing my grandma. I think my heart is even heavier for the thoughts of my grandpa and the life before him without his sweetheart of 70 years. Our trips throughout the year back to Canada always involved a visit with grandma and grandpa. I never wanted to miss an opportunity for our children to spend time with their great grandparents. It saddens me to know our little ones will not have the memories of her but we will treasure the pictures!! The weekend is also going to be a busy one as we celebrate what God has done at church. Our dedication service is this Sunday and we are expecting a big crowd! I will be busy making cake this weekend :) Here is a link to the church blog and we will be sure to post pictures of the day! I have much that I'd like to post about. Things that have been on my mind. I just need to get them all arranged and have some time to settle down a bit.


  1. Oh..I miss her too,and like you are concerned for what lies ahead for Dad. He is so very precious to me and I can't ease the heartache he is going through or the loneliness. He needs our prayers and more.
    Love Mom

    PS. I trust God to bless your Dedication service Sunday. Can hardly wait to see the cake.

  2. Enjoy your service tomorrow......please know you are all still in our prayers;)