Saturday, April 23, 2011


Some quick updates:
I celebrated a birthday. The kids (and daddy) made a very delicious pudding pie for me which was the first 'sweet' I've had since January! Was it ever good!!

I've been busy putting together our new school year curriculum/plan. It's been quite the task scheduling 3 children this year! We are doing several subjects together which we'll do the first half of the day and the then they break off for their independant work. We'll see how that works out. Our curriculum this year includes:

RightStart Math
Rod and Staff Reading/English
Alpha Phonics
Explode the Code
All about Spelling
Apologia Science (they want to do Zoology this year)
Truthquest History
Sonbeam's bible verses
Devotional (probably pick something from my Doorposts prize package!!)
Trail Guide to Bible Geography (we did World Geog last year)
.....So far we've already started our new math program with RightStart and we are all LOVING it!!! I wish I had known about it years ago! We've added Explode the Code this year which the kids are enjoying. I also found a website with some great free grammar worksheets I'll be adding. Our cursive/printing worksheets are the bible verses we are studying through Sonbeams.
If you need to add anything to your curriculum this year, check out Old Fashioned Education for all their FREE resources!! She has tons of stuff on there to homeschool K-12 for free.

We look forward to Resurrection Sunday tomorrow!! Such a special day to remember what our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ did for us. Death could not hold him in the grave...he is risen, is risen indeed!


  1. How have you last with No sweets until now almost the end of April!!! Great job!!! I have cut back on my sweets, but I have had a tiny bit here and there just to survive! LOL

    Your list looks great. I said check to lots of the list. I have not seen Trail Guide to Bible Geography. I will have to look into that one.

    What grades are you doing? big girl 4th, 2nd for oldest boy? and youngest boy kindergarten? I forget....


  2. There is a Trail Guide to World Geog (Cindy Wiggers)which we enjoyed last year and this year we will do the Bible Geog...looking forward to that study! They also have a U.S Geog book as well.
    Yes...Big girl is heading into 4th, our boy will be able to move out of first once we complete our phonics program, and we will begin kindergarten for the other....I'm interested to see how our days will go! I have a lot packed into it, so it will be trail and error for the first while I think :)

  3. The pie looked so yummy,and you said it was. Great job kids and Daddy.
    Your curriculum for this year looks extensive. That is a lot of work. Your days are full. The kids are so blessed to have you for their teacher.
    Happy Easter to all of you. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing the video of you,your brother and sister-in-law singing. I love that piece. We do serve a risen Saviour!!!
    Love you all so much.