Saturday, April 30, 2011


Our weekend is usually our cleaning time....organizing, rearranging, vaccuming, dusting. Today as I clean, I thank God for the stove I can wipe crusted egg off of, for the floor I have as I clean up spilled juice, the mirror covered in fingerprints, the playroom that is scattered with an over abuncance of toys....
We have not been able to get the images and stories out of minds about the tornadoes and devastation that so many folks have experienced. I have been following Kelly's blog for over 2 years now, and to know her house is totally gone, her neighbors house destroyed and a father/husband has died leaving behind a wife and 13 hear that good friends of ours had debris in their yard (so close but God saw fit to spare them).
It sure brings reality to light, how attached we are to the things of this world, to know that life is so precious and at any moment it can change.
I thank you Lord for the continued protection and safety you give our family, how you watch over us and guide us, how you love and care for us. Thank you for your continued blessings that we so easily take for granted so often. Help me not to grumble and complain at circumstances that are uncomfortable to me. Please keep my eyes and my focus on you!

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  1. Amen!!!!! I have been wondering with tornadoes so close to you, where would you go for protection with not having a basement? They say you need to be under ground. Do any of your neighbours have basements? It concerns me a lot when thinking about you your family and your brother and his family.
    Continuing to pray and read what is going on with the families devastated by the tornadoes. I also enjoy reading Kelly's blog.
    Love Mom