Monday, May 2, 2011

Hanging garden

We have tried in the past to plant a garden and it has never turned out. One year a rabbit ate all our growth, and the next year nothing produced except miniture mouthful melons. So this year hubby has decided to try the hanging garden (topsy turvy). We have planted green beans, peas, and roma tomatoes thus far. We will see how it goes!!! Hopefully better than our previous attempts :)

Here are some updated pictures of our babies...haha. Their full names are:

Martha Washington, Betsy Ross, Laura Ingalls, Amelia Earhart, Louisa May Alcott, and Pocahontas. They are starting to grow feathers on their wings and budding some tail feathers as well!


  1. Good idea on the hanging garden. Daniel's GrandMother did tomatoes that way and got a lot.
    Love the names of your chicks. No roosters?

  2. Hopefully no roosters! We don't want crowing in the subdivision to upset the neighbors :)

  3. Sorry it has taken so long to comment. I really hope your veggies do well this year. Nothing like getting fresh veggies when you want them. Are you using fertilizer as well?
    Trust you are all doing well. Love you.

  4. Loved the hanging garden idea! Hope it does work out well for you. The little chicks are really growing.