Friday, May 20, 2011

Who do you serve?

I like the point he is trying to make.
We are not God. Our thoughts are not his thoughts. Our ways are not like His ways. Our reasoning does not even come close to God's way of doing things, so for someone to say "It's not fair for God to do this".....or "I could never believe in a God that does that".....makes us bring God down to our reasoning, our faulty sinful reasoning!! We have to accept bible truths as written, not change them to agree with our way of thinking, or what seems right to us.

"The creator's sense of justice is more developed than yours. His love and his mercy are are the one that is flawed"

To say that God can't or shouldn't do 'this' because that is not fair, or not right, or doesn't make human thinking. He does not owe us anything. His grace and mercy are gifts to us, not obligation. Grace is unmerited favor. It is not grace if He is obligated to give it. His Word is perfect. We need to be very careful how we talk about Almighty God. We serve a just God....not a fair God. Human reasoning wants fairness....but God is Holy. He is just. He is like no other. We need to be humble before the Almighty.

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