Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Memorizing God's Word

After the kids finish their lunch, we move onto our verses. I've mentioned Sonbeams before and how much we are enjoying their Bible verses, lesson and songs. I made up a binder with a list of our verses from A to Z, then list the kids name beside it. It also contains the lesson and print work to go along with it. They each have to memorize groups of verses at a time (whatever their age is, so our 3 yr old has to memorize 3 verses before getting his stickers....etc). I've also made up an index card box with the verses so they are not memorizing 'in order' of the alphabet, but they can say the verse by looking at its reference. They also get a small 'reward' after each group of verses they learn. Some letters of the alphabet have more than one verse (C - for Children is Ephesians 6:1-3). They are absolutely loving it and it is music to my ears :) We have the CD in the car, so they are constantly listening and learning everyday.
Our oldest is on verse O, our boy is on verse K, and the 3yr old is on H. They are doing a great job!!

If you could also remember my grandpa in prayer right now. He has been suffering with the shingles for a week now and it has been taking a toll on him. I know he would appreciate all the prayer he can get!!


  1. Yes,please pray for Grandpa. He is not doing too well right now.
    I'm glad to hear the kids are enjoying learning Gods' Word. It is so important to do that.
    Love Mom

  2. That is great how the kids are learning the scriptures! So glad they are enjoying doing it as well!
    We will be praying for your Grandpa. We were sorry to hear that he is not doing well.