Monday, May 30, 2011


An update of the past several days....

Our boy is now riding his bike like a pro....almost. Today was the first time he got to ride his bike around the block as we went for our walk. I thought it was about to end in disaster as he rode down the hill toward our house....gaining speed, heading for the brick wall...but the brakes were applied at the LAST minute and I breathed a sigh of relief. He was soooo excited and proud of himself. He talked about it all day long :)

We are FINALLY starting to see some flowering on the hanging peas. Hopefully the rest of the produce will show some signs of flowering soon.

I FINALLY have my bathroom back! The chickens are outside for good. Today they still managed to squeeze through the wire but for the most part they stay in their temporary pen. Hubby also built a little housing area for them to sleep in at night.

I'm also getting eye-strain. From what you ask?? I've been introduced to Angry Birds!!! Who ever thought up that addictive game anyway?

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