Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What's going on over here lately?
Our chickens, although not yet big enough to stay outdoors at night yet, are getting some sun during the day :) They are getting so big!

We are doing some major spring cleaning over here. I was going through the closet and found fabric for another blanket, so I made one for baby girl since she didn't have one yet. The monkeys are so cute! I think she is enjoying it!

We've added more to our hanging garden. There are cucumbers and cherry tomatoes hanging now. Some are ready to be hung (but we need to build another stand).

Found this guy sun bathing on our deck. Almost didn't see him!

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  1. Sorry,I've forgotten to say I like your new look. It is very summery. :) I like the cute blanket,and I'm sure she does too. Sweet pictures of her. Who was the material bought for? Spring cleaning sounds like something I should get started doing also.
    How are your veggies coming along? Hope you have a good crop of them.
    Your little visitor seems right at home. He will help to keep the bugs down,maybe you could have him as a pet? :) Love the pictures,thanks for sharing them.