Thursday, April 28, 2011

Generation Cedar is in need

Help is needed for a sister in Christ and her family. Generation Cedar (Kelly Crawford) who I have listed along the left hand side under my Blog list, has lost their home due to the tornados that went through yesterday. Kelly and her parents have lost their homes and took refuge in a neighbors basement. If you feel led to help this family, there is a donate button at A Wise Woman Builds her Home. Please keep this family in your prayers. They just had their 9th baby last week.


  1. I have been reading about it this morning. Praise God they are alive and not hurt. Dreadful about all that has happened with their home,her Dad's heart attack and their home lost as well. I can't fathom the great loss of personal belongings,school supplies,baby needs,clothes etc. I have been praying for Kelly and her family.

  2. Yes, indeed!! Don't forget the Lee family that has 13 children. They go to Kelly's church and live across the street. The father died in the tornado while protecting his children! They did an article on Mr. Lee on the Vision Forum site.

    Or send something my way. Us ladies are getting stuff together for them!

    A lot of hurting families here.

  3. I read the sad. I can't imagine what they are all going through. So glad you guys are ok.