Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Party

Tonight was our first staff Christmas party for Answers in Genesis. There was anywhere from 400-500 people in attendance :) It was nice being able to meet many of the people hubby works with outside his computer department (we know most everyone in his group). It was so funny watching our 4 yr old say "There's Ken Ham!!!" or "Where did Ken Ham go?" They have only ever seen him on videos or in the books we I know they enjoyed getting to meet him tonight and shake his hand. We also were able to go on a ferry ride across the river there and back again. We even were able to sit next to some volunteers that just happen to be our good friends from church back in South Carolina! They have come to volunteer for the week, so it was great being able to see them again. The supper was very good and the kids were zonked by the time we got home! A very enjoyable evening......

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