Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas photo

I don't know why I attempt this alone! I should learn from year's past to wait for hubby to get home to help me take our Christmas photo of the kids!! But anyway, last week I lined them up and between our 2 yr old wanting to do some rather elaborate posing, our 6 year old squinting, our 4 year old not liking to smile for pictures....well, I think we will have to try again when daddy is around to help :) Here is one good shot I got though.


  1. Good picture sweetheart,but maybe you should wait for hubby to help!! *smile*
    Just kidding.... it's a good picture.
    Love you,Mom

  2. I just love the picture!!! We all know how trying to get a good picture with everyone looking and smiling can be, but I think it turned out well! Thanks for sharing.