Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have started reading Teaching the Trivium by the Bluedorn's. I have heard alot about their book and finally got myself a copy! Now everyone knows I love homeschooling but it is not something I push onto people....that is for the Lord's leading in their lives. When I come across some good info though, I do like to share it! Here are just 2 passages so far that have really stuck out in the first 2 chapters.

No true education can take place without reference to God. Education is for a purpose. If the purpose does not have God in view, then it is godless education, and it will eventually produce godless results. The objective of education is not service to self, the community, business, church, or state, but service to God. Education which does not serve God is an empty education, and that emptiness will be filled by other gods to serve.....

Children are placed under the authority, and protection, and tutelage, not of the government, nor of the church, but of the parents. Parents are accountable to God for how their children are raised. Barring unusual and unavoidable circumstances, we- the parents- will answer to God for who raises our child, and for how they are raised. God is not going to place the primary blame for any failures upon the government, or upon the church, but upon us, the parents.

We have been given such a privilege to be able to teach our children at home. To hand over our children to the school system is really denying ourselves and our children a blessing that God has given to us!


  1. Hi Daughter
    I agree with what you have there,especially the first sentence. Even though I was not raised in a born again environment we started school with the first half hour about God. As I grew older I always remember our religious class not that the full truth was taught but enough to stimulate my mind. You know the rest of the story.
    Love Dad

  2. Sweetheart..... I whole heartily agree!!!! It is a privilege not to be taken lightly. We must do it with God's help and direction every day.