Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick update

Not much new going on around here. We did get the Christmas tree up. Our little miss has already been into the tree and broke one non-glass ornament. Our 4 yr old is not happy that his zebra now only has one leg!!
The kids were also able to feel baby sister move last night for the first time. I love how their eyes got so big when a kick was felt.
I've also been enjoying cooking and baking. I have made homemade chicken noodle soup twice now and it was delicious!!! I think we'll be making more banana bread today :)
I've done a little Christmas shopping online....I love that I don't need to be at the malls, just wait for the package to arrive at the door!
Here's a pic of the kids after they finished decorating the tree.....


  1. Hi
    Please tell my little boy his Zebra is one of a kind. Noah didn't have one like this.
    love Grandpa

  2. Loved the picture! Are you saying that an almost 2 year old is getting into a lot of things these days? :)

    Homemade chicken soup sounds great as does the Banana Bread! You'll have to tell hubby to "save some soup for me". He should remember that. :)

    Love to you all

  3. Sweet picture! You can sure tell our boy is upset over his zebra. The tree looks nice,I'm sure they had a lot of fun decorating it. Sounds like your having fun in the kitchen. Keep it up!!
    Love Mom