Thursday, May 3, 2012

Indigo bunting??

I'm thinking this is an indigo bunting bird???  Isn't it beautiful!!!  The kids have been telling me of a beautiful bird that keeps coming to the feeder and I finally saw what they were talking about.  There were 2 of them on the feeder at one point but couldn't get a photo of them.....hopefully they will keep coming to the feeder!


  1. Wow.... they are spectacular!!!!! What a beautiful colour they are. Would love to have seen these birds when we were there. I do hope they keep coming back for you. Good photography Alissa. You sure are getting quite a variety of birds at your feeder.
    Love Mom

  2. How beautiful they are!!! It is indeed an Indigo Bunting. I'm jealous. :-) In all my years of birdwatching I've never had one come to our feeder yet. I agree with Mom about the great photography!! Glad you finally got to see them, too. It sounds like the kids enjoy birdwatching as well.

    Love you all