Monday, May 7, 2012

Pictures and updates

Here are a few updates.  We have another new addition to the family *smile*  We traded in our Kia van for a Prius for hubby to drive to and from work in.  Our Kia needed a great deal of work on it, and he really wanted a vehicle that was going to give him good gas mileage.  I drove it home from the dealership (which was 2 hours away) and was getting 55 miles to the gallon.  Not bad huh!!!  It is also a hybrid vehicle so it took a little getting used to.  No key is needed to start it, the engine can turn off and just run on battery, it has a video screen for backing up (how cool!) is really neat!  So now we have our 10 passenger van and our Prius :)
I've also posted some updated pics of our girl.  I am pleased to say that we have been strictly nursing for 4 straight days now.  It takes a little more effort than normal, but we are getting it worked out.  Thank you for the prayers concerning this!


  1. Car looks really nice!!!! I'm glad you have vehicles now that are safe to drive. I guess hubby will notice a difference in the Prius from the vans, as far as the seats being lower to the ground.
    I'm thrilled to hear the nursing is going better now. The pictures of her are so sweet. She is beautiful. Hard to believe she is a month old soon. Thanks for sharing Alissa.
    Love Mom

  2. Yay for pictures! She looks very alert and she definitely looks like she's growing. At this point, I don't think she looks like any of her siblings. Time will tell.

  3. Such wonderful news in both regards!!! So glad our baby girl is nursing so much better which I know is a great relief to you. Also, we're happy to hear of your vehicles. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of our precious little one!!! She is a sweetheart for sure.

    Love you all