Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend fun

We were finally able to make it down south so baby girl could meet Nana and Grandpa, Great Grandma and Granddad and some more of the family.  It was a busy but very fun weekend!
We came back to quite a gloomy day here today.  I think the rest of the day will be made up of unpacking, organizing and taking it easy :)
I do want to wish my parents a very happy (belated) 40th anniversary!!
baby girl's middle name is
named after this special lady

first Sunday at church

Aunt L's dress she got for
baby girl.....love it!!!


  1. What a little cutie - she looks so adorable in her fancy dress she wore for her first day at church..and thank you for the picture of her in the little dress I got her - I kind of loved it too and she does look good in it.
    Glad you got down south to see your family - I am sure they were thrilled to see the wee one for the first time.
    I can hardly wait to meet her myself.
    Keeping you in my prayers and give my love to all

  2. We were so happy to see all of you and so thrilled to finally meet and hold our granddaughter for the first time!!! The time did go by too fast. Such lovely pictures of our sweet girl and a great picture of her with her namesake! That is such a cute dress that Aunt L. gave her and she looked really adorable in it!
    Hope your mom and dad had a very special anniversary, too!

    Love to all

  3. I am so glad you got down south to see family there. Glad to hear you all had such a great time too. There were so many people see and visit. The pictures of our wee girl at church are lovely,and it was nice to get one of her and the very special lady that shares her name. She does look really sweet in the dress that Sis got for her. She enjoyed picking out just the right outfit for her. It will be nice to see a picture of her and her sister in their look a like dresses.
    Thankful you got home safely. Love Mom