Monday, May 14, 2012

'THE' question

After having our fifth child we were finally asked THE question.

"Are they all yours?????"

I laughed and gave a big grin.  "Yes they are!"
But then came.......

"You're not pregnant again are you?"

Well, lets just say when we finally reached the van, hubby could not stop laughing.  Not at the fact that a lady would suggest I still have a huge tummy....but the fact she had the gall to ask if I was pregnant!

I kindly answered that I just delivered recently (while trying to suck in my stomach *grin*)

This lady left the impression with our children that having a lot of kids was a drudgery and too much work.  When we got in the van, we explained what a blessing each one of them was to us, and how God delights in children and big families.

I guess it's time to start exercising......


  1. Hi Alissa
    You should have said that you were expecting twins.
    love Dad.

  2. Now that would have been funny!!!

    1. That was me not anonymous - Alissa

  3. People are so forward aren't they? To ask if your pregnant with a newborn in plain sight,especially knowing from her first question that all the kids are yours!!!!! Some people.... you wonder about. People are so eager to share their opinions on things that are none of their business.
    Love Mom,have a great day.

  4. Are you gonna have more?

    Are you gonna have more?

    Are you gonna have more?

    Just kidding. I'm pleased they are all yours! :)

  5. Oh my!!! Some people really have nerve, don't they? The really sad part is that she left that impression on the kids. They sure are wonderful blessings from God and we are so thankful for each one of them!!!