Thursday, February 10, 2011

I can read!

I was getting the schoolwork ready this morning for the kids and I heard our 5 year old on the floor reading. I mean, really reading! He had gotten one of the Dr. Suess books down and was reading every word. I sat there listening and had such joy knowing God has given me this privilege to enjoy every stage of his learning, here with me, surrounded with his family who all came around him to listen and praise his efforts.

(had to do it in 2 parts...can only upload small videos)


  1. Hi Alissa
    Listing to XM radio on the way home from your grandpatents the speaker said that the best time to teach your child to read is between ages 1-5 I guess he is right.
    Love Dad

  2. He is doing soooo good!! We just went through some hard phonics rules and he picked it right up with no difficulties. He reads everything!!

  3. WELL DONE sweetheart!!!! That sounded just great. Mommy is doing a really great job teaching you all. Well done Alissa. I enjoyed listening to my boy read. Thank you for sharing.

  4. That was wonderful!!! Great job our boy did!!! Great job, Mommy, on the teaching!!!

  5. Wow he's quite a reader. :)Good job teaching him!