Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So we are on day 8 of a high fever. When I say high, she starts her mornings with a normal temp (from having medicine before bed) and by noon she is above 103 again, usually hitting 104 by evening, which follows with another dose of medicine before bed.......
Then I get the added bonus today of a 3 year old giving himself a corneal abrasion and a trip to the eye doctor, with antibiotic drops ($88!!!!!!!!).
But on a happy note, hubby finally has a little work coming in. We praise God for the income!!


  1. Hi Sweetheart
    I know the Lord will take her fever away, just hold in there.
    Love Dad

  2. Praise God for the good report on our little guy. We continue to pray for our girl that her temperature will be gone soon. I know sweetheart you are stressed beyond measure. The Lord knows your trials,and will see you through them.
    Love you so much.

  3. I am so sorry she still has a fever! Will continue to pray for her. Thanks for praying for my great niece. She is being moved from the NICU to a normal room!