Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lilla Rose

OOOhh another Lilla Rose giveaway!!! Go to A Wise Woman Builds Her Home to enter. I want to win one for my daughter. I LOVE the one we just got. The extra small fits my hair well, but we need the mini for our girl. Her hair is simply too thin. I did manage to get some pictures of her with it in though and it stayed in for most of the day (but kept slipping down the hair....thus the need for the smaller fitting one).


  1. It is very pretty. I know you wouldn't want to do this, but if you backcomb right where the clip is going to go, it will help to keep it in the hair better and hopefully not slip out. It's the hairstylist coming out in me again. Hope you do win another one, that would be great.
    Love Mom

  2. Yesterday I actually put an elastic in her hair and then the clip over it. You couldn't even see the elastic and it stayed right in place.
    There is one that we are looking at for her though that is really pretty. It would be nice to win another one!!