Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Off to the doctor

Our girl is now on day 7 of a high fever, so we're heading to the doctor this afternoon. Will update when we get back.

So that was useless!! Must be something viral they say....Just keep giving her medicine for her fever.....aaarrrgg. They took a blood sample and her blood count was fine, so they determined it must be a virus. Just wait it out but if she still has a fever by Friday, bring her back in and we will run more tests.

Ohhh...and she is still contagious so keep her away from kids (kinda hard in a house with 3 other little ones!)


  1. Hi Sweetheart
    I know you are praying for her,but you should take a half hour with the whole family and kneel and pray that God will remove her fever. He will do it and it will show the children that God does answer prayer and has the answer when DR"s don't .
    Love Dad

  2. Thank you...we heeded your advice and look forward to what God will accomplish :)

  3. Praying with you sweetheart,and believing God will answer on behalf of our girl.
    Love Mom

  4. Praying for you all. It is scary when they are so sick. Just make sure she is drinking plenty of fluids. Which I am sure you are.

  5. Praying also for you all, and trusting these trying times soon come to an end;)Looking forward to hearing big girl is up and feeling well yet again and that all other(s) will stay healthy throughout the days ahead...Take care...