Sunday, January 30, 2011


I just went over to Daily Bread Living to check out the winners and I won!! Out of the 15 or so giveaways, I won the Lilla Rose flexi clip *big grin* (giveaway #3). How cool is that!!

In other news, pray for our oldest. Today her temp got up to 105....aahhh. Tonight she actually got really sweaty after I gave her some medicine, so I don't know if her fever has finally broke after 5 days, or if it is just the meds. Tomorrow we will see whether or not she needs to head to the doctor.

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  1. Oh... goodness!! Her temperature IS high. Praying for our sweet girl. Hopefully by tomorrow she will be much better. It is worrisome having fevers so high. Hang in there sweetheart,she is bathed in prayer.

    Congratulations on winning the Lilla Rose flexi clip. They are beautiful. ( does that mean you will be growing your hair longer?)*smile*
    Love Mom