Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow much fun...

Here's some pics from yesterday. They had a ball!!!!
(and yes, I did go down too. It was hilarious!)

chasing the runaway sled


Yep...that one's daddy!


  1. Oh,that looks like sooooooooo much fun!!!!!!! I'm glad to hear you got in on the fun as well. Would love to have seen a picture of that. Is Daddy a little bit too big for that particular one? He needs an adult sled,then he would have more fun!! The kids ARE having a ball aren't they? Some crashes too by the looks of things.
    Pic #1 is so cute ,brother helping brother. I love the look on their faces in the different shots. It would be nice to be apart of that. Pic #10 is good, capturing that wipe out like you did. Super pictures Alissa!! Thanks for sharing the fun.

  2. Great pictures of your family fun!!! Looks like everyone enjoyed the snow even with the wipeouts! I loved the picture of the brothers helping each other, too! That was so sweet. Also, loved the picture of our big girl with the big smile on her face.