Sunday, January 16, 2011


Three of the 4 kids are down with a cold so daddy headed off to church alone this morning. Let me tell you this is 11 colds for our 13 month old! Pitiful!!
So since we have been reading about volcanoes in our science class (we are on the planet Mars now....yes, it has been slow going!!) and since our son got a volcano science kit for Christmas, we thought we'd have some fun this morning. We first made a small one all together, but the kids each wanted to make their own..... messy but fun!
Volcano = baking soda, flour, water
Lava = warm water, citric acid


  1. WOW!! What fun that must have been. Science is so interesting. Glad to hear your Science studies are so enjoyable for you.

  2. We missed you and the kids yesterday! Good to see our big girl last night. Hope they're all feeling better today. Glad they had fun with making the volcanoes!