Monday, January 10, 2011


We woke up to a winter wonderland. Of course here in the South, when we have snow, EVERYTHING shuts down! Hubby is at home today (yay!) and I was busy taking pictures this morning guessed it....birds! After breakfast I was snapping away and sat down to upload my pics to the computer. I told hubby I must have taken at least 150 pictures!! NOPE....make it over 600!!!!! I couldn't believe it....ha! So I've been sorting, deleting, cropping, etc and I will post my favorites in awhile. Here are 2 from this morning. We have about 8 inches right now. Tomorrow is the freezing rain....uugghh.


  1. Well.... You have joined the club!!!!! ha..ha!!
    Seriously,this is not good for you all down there where you don't have snow removal equipment and sanding. It is pretty though. Pray it doesn't turn to freezing rain.
    Take care,
    Love Mom

  2. Hi
    I would like to see some pictures of Birds. And welcome to Canada. Heeeee Heee
    Love Dad

  3. Keep the pictures coming! I love it! I am glad you guys got so much snow. You got a couple inches more than us! It is so fun to not be able to go anywhere. Daniel was off today and can't get off the mountain for work in the morning! What fun!