Thursday, January 20, 2011

The importance of chores

Tonight is our homeschool meeting! I look forward to these (even though we've only had 1 meeting so far!!) It's a time for us as a group of ladies/mom's/homeschoolers to encourage one another, swap some great tips and resources, and just have some good fellowship. One topic tonight that we will be discussing is 'how to get it all done' when you're a busy mom taking care of house, hubby, children, and schooling (and some with work responsibilites).

One big thing I've learned over the past year or so is the importance of chores for our children. The bible tells us to train our children and that requires us to not only train them in God's word but training them to be servants of Christ. A girl needs to grow up being trained on how to become a Proverbs 31 woman (whether or not she will marry). Our boys need to be trained on how to become the responsible head of his home (whether or not he will marry).
A child at the age of 3 can be helping around the home learning responsibility by making his bed, picking up toys, organizing areas. A child at the age of 7 should be fully capable of doing most things around the home (that doesn't involve danger like ironing etc). We as mom's need to be careful that we are not doing an injustice to our children by doing everything for them. I know it is much easier for us to get things done on our own the way we like it done. Training a child involves patience, extra work and time on our part. If you do the proper training when they're young, you will save a lot of time when they are older!

Another thing that goes along with teaching them the importance of chores is teaching the proper heart attitude. We try to teach our children 'honor'. When mommy asks to clean the toy room....honoring mommy would be they not only clean the toy room but they go above and beyond what is required of them with a happy heart. They clean the toy room AND the bedroom. When they are asked to clear the table after a meal, they not only clear the table but grab the swiffer and sweep the floor too. If we create a servant's heart in our children at a young age, they will see chores or any type of work as a way of showing honor and love to Christ.

When you have children who are eager to help out, have a desire to please and want to work, what a blessing that is to a mother!

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