Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sick girl

Our oldest has been down with a high fever going on 4 days now. It is not like her to spend entire days on the couch :( Praying she gets better.....


  1. Hello - well I have just caught up with the news on your blog - sorry to hear your girl is sick - it is no fun - hopefully she will be up and around and feeling herself soon.

    It is so neat to see all the things the kids are doing and those granola bars looked yummy - and I love the pictures of them doing their things. You have a lovely family and I wish we could see you more often.
    Take care and give my love to all.

  2. Pray our girl feels better soon,and also that hubby feels better and gets his voice back. We love you all.

  3. So sorry our girl is still not feeling better. We're praying for her and the family as well.
    Good to see Aunt L. on here.
    Your new background is very pretty!