Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Canadian homeschooling update

Here is the update from the HSLDA website and petition I posted earlier:

Homeschoolers in Alberta, Canada continue to fight for their freedom to teach biblical truth to their children as part of their homeschool program. The government of Alberta is attempting to pass a law that would require parents to teach as part of their homeschool curriculum political correctness, which in Canada would include tolerance for controversial lifestyles.

HSLDA posted a petition in opposition to the oppressive proposed law and garnered more than 12,000 signatures. We sent the petition wording to Paul Faris, president of HSLDA of Canada, to read at the protest that took place on Monday on the steps of the Capitol in Edmonton, Alberta.
The protest rally was a huge success. Over 2,100 parents and children showed up to demonstrate their outrage at this giant attempt to restrict their freedom. Observers commented that it was one of the biggest demonstrations in the history of Alberta. The homeschoolers expressed their rejection of this proposed bill and informed their representatives that if they voted for this legislation, they could expect opposition in their next election.

Faris said: “Unfortunately, I don’t think the government is going to back down, but they have heard from us, and they know there will be consequences. It seems that they are bent on bringing their destruction over this issue.”

On Tuesday, there was still slight hope as the parliament had not voted on the law, and it was apparent that there was some hot debate taking place among the legislators. Please continue your prayer support for the Albertans.

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