Friday, March 2, 2012

Serious tornado warnings and *Update

We had our very first family tornado drill this afternoon. The kids are very anxious but it is necessary they know what to do. We have some very severe weather headed our way this afternoon and into tonight. The news is telling us to not take this lightly. We have our little bunker set up downstairs (tables with mattresses on top) and the kids know what to do. Hubby may even try to get off early as the news says the worst may hit around 5pm. We may even end up sleeping downstairs :) Please keep us and the surrounding area in your prayers today.
God is in control!!

Update: around 4:10pm sirens were turned on and we headed to the basement. Hubby was summoned down to the shelter at work. He kept calling every 10 mins letting us know the tornado was heading right for us. We crammed under our mattress covered table downstairs which was not a happy place for our 2 yr old :) She was quite cranky being squished in there for about 40 mins. Hubby calls around 4:50pm to let us know he is on his way home....looks like the tornado headed just south of us. We will keep watching the weather through the evening....our God is good!!


  1. We're keeping you all in prayer!!! We've been watching your weather, too. Glad you are prepared just in case. Hopefully, you won't need it but always good to be prepared.

    Love and prayers to you all

  2. It is later into the eve now)10:00pm)==just seeing your blog now!!--- but sooo praying for you all:)

  3. I read your blog outloud to Hubby, and Peanut was listening. I barely finished reading the blog and Peanut said we needed to pray. Immediately. And so we did.
    We are thankful for the safe outcome. Love you all.

  4. Glad to hear you are all okay! We have been reading about the bad weather down there. It's like everything is early this year, including tornado season. We had 60mph winds last night.