Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reading Eggs

Anyone with small kids will probably enjoy this. Our 4 year old is having a ball! It's called Reading Eggs and helps your children learn their letters, sounds, words, sentences, rhyming words etc. Even though our boy had already started reading words and small sentences, I started him at the beginning of the program and he is loving it! Good reinforcement for him. He has now progressed onto map 4 and loving it. The older kids love watching him do it. The characters sing and make it so much fun!! Give the free trial a try :)
Promo code: UST84MED


  1. Reading Eggs looks fun.I hope someone buys your house,and I hope you find a house that you want. I am looking forward to my new cousin coming. I love you so much.
    Love Peanut

  2. Oh thanks!!! What does the promo code do? I signed up, but not with the promo code. Wish I could of done it under you so you could get the extra time credit.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  3. The promo code is just for the free trial. We didn't buy it.

  4. Well I got the free trial without putting in the promo code. You are right, even the older ones watch him play and want to play too! LOL

  5. The promo code gives you a longer free trial I believe. Without the code you get it for a certain amount of days (I forget)...but promo code gives you 5 weeks.