Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guess who?

The final vote count is in for the Budget Travel - Top 15 places to visit before you're 15!! No matter how hard people tried to get the Creation Museum knocked off the didn't work. In fact, guess who came in FIRST place!,10/?wpisrc=newsletter


  1. Nice! It is even more budget friendly when you can stay with family members. :)
    (The kids really enjoyed our visit with you - albeit it was too short!)

  2. God rewards patience. For a short time, the atheists actually did succeed in knocking the Museum out of the top 5. After that, it climbed back to #3 and looked like it was going to stay there, but a huge push at the end put the Museum back at #1 where it was when the poll started.

  3. Praise God!!!!! It's right where it should be.
    Looking forward to seeing what we missed.