Monday, February 6, 2012

Updates and News

I have another nephew! He was born early this morning into a family of 3 older sisters!! Watch out baby boy :) You're going to have lots of 'momma's' looking out for you. Now that we live in a different state, we can only see him by pictures at the moment. Hopefully soon we will get to see him and hold him.

Other news, our boy is still running a high fever. He looks soooo pitiful!! It stays pretty constant at 103 - 103.5 during the day, but we give him meds at night so he (and mommy and daddy!) can sleep!! If it runs the same course as little sister, he will hopefully be over the fever part by Thurs.

No other real updates to talk of. No news on the new news on baby....although hearing about my nephew makes me wish April was here all the more!!! (but everyone needs to get better first)


  1. Congratulations, Great News about your new nephew. I know everybody cannot wait to see who he looks like. We will continue to pray for your little boy and that he will be well, soon. I am also praying no one else will get sick and that your next couple of months will go smoothly and your new baby girl will be here before you know it. We are praying that all the sicknesses will be over soon. Then when your little one is born, everyone will be well for a long time!! :) Spring will be here and warmer weather will be here then. Love, prayers for speedy recoveries and hugs coming your way. :) We will pray more for your house to sale, We know how it is to have 2 house payments and that is not FUN, but God is in Control and always on-time!! :)

  2. What?? You got pictures? Why hasn't anyone sent me pictures??

    We are praying for Little Boy that he gets better and that everyone else stays healthy. Love to you all.

  3. Facebook! Haven't you seen them yet?

  4. So I looked last night. Found 1 picture of him. Thanks for letting me know.