Sunday, February 12, 2012

School and house updates

Not alot going on around here. That's probably a good thing!! Everyone is healthy at the moment (except for my very minor sinus issues still). We are approaching the end of our school year. This year seems to be taking much longer than the others because we took Aug/Sept off for packing and moving etc. We have a little over 30 days left to our year. We are reviewing material to take our Year End Diagnostic tests.
No news on the house yet. We had another showing and people seem to love the house, but not the winter view through the backyard. I think once the leaves come in we will have different results. Our rental agreement here is up the end of March which leaves only 2 weeks before baby arrives. We are hoping he will allow us to extend our agreement on a month to month basis until our house sells.....still waiting to hear back from him.


  1. Healthy - we like the sounds of that!

  2. still glad everyone is seemingly in better places health wise;)Can hardley wait(as too you must anticipate)to hear that the house has SOLD!!!!! What a celebration that will be*smile*

  3. That's great that everyone is healthy once again!!! Continuing to pray about the sale of your house. Glad to hear the news about the house you're now renting! That is a blessing and a big relief I'm sure!!!

    Love you all

  4. Glad everyone is feeling better. Trusting your sinuses will clear up soon. Continuing to pray for the selling of your house,and that you will be able to extend your lease there.
    Love Mom