Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby debute

Here are some photos of our newest member :)


  1. Precious so very precious....

  2. So sweet! Wish I could be there to hold her! I may be wrong, but from these pictures it looks like she might look more like her brothers than her sisters. Time will tell. Love the last picture of all 5 kiddos. Great job getting them all to look at the camera. Congrats again! So happy for you that your newest blessing has arrived. Love you guys!

  3. Right now I see much of our oldest boy in her pics. We may just have a light haired girl this time around :)

  4. Hi there -
    Well I guess I am the oddball - J & CH were here for weekend - Ch found pictures on facebook last night and showed me and all J and I could say was that is Alissa - so there you go what do we know lol
    Anyway she is just beautiful and I too wish I could be there to hold her and give her a big hug.
    Hope you are doing okay Alissa....loved the picture of the 5 - that was so adorable.

    Congrats to all and keep the pictures coming.
    Love to all.

  5. I love the pictures!!! So-so precious!!! Just wish we could be there to hold her, too!!! I agree that the picture with all 5 is such a wonderful picture!!! That would make a great picture for the top of your blog page.

    Love you all

  6. Oops! I didn't see the top picture you had when I put up my comment. That's a great one, too! :)

  7. Beautiful pictures of our newest granddaughter,and the family picture is so sweet.
    It can be frustrating trying to get them all to cooperate for pictures,but these ones are great!!!
    Love Mom