Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cousin pic

We had some cousins visit for the weekend to meet their newest cousin, so we couldn't let the visit go by without trying to get a picture!!


  1. So-so sweet!!! Nine precious blessings God has given us!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Love you all

  2. I thought JJs little boy was so tiny... but not next to K5! Wow! Great photos of everyone.

  3. They really are sweet pictures of our grandchildren in the south. It was so much fun being together with these precious little darlings!!!
    I thank the Lord for each and every one of them and their Mommy's and Daddy's too!!
    Love Mom

  4. Hi there - love the pictures of all the kids together - my sister certainly does have a cute bunch of grandchildren. Of course, my great nephews and neices are the cutest - am I a bit prejudiced ........noooooo!
    Love to all