Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Early birthday present

So hubby was thinking really hard.....what to get me for my birthday :) I think he went all out this year don't you!!
No really.....God enabled us to get a 'family' sized van just in time for baby #5's arrival. We have been praying for an opportunity to get a bigger van that will fit the kids better than our white 'sardine' version we currently have. A couple weeks back we tried fitting all the car seats in our smaller vehicle and it was really, REALLY cramped!! God brought this vehicle to our attention just in time!! We are so thankful to this answer to prayer and have enjoyed the spacious ride today. Here are a few pics of the inside. I love it!

The 'Beast' - 10 passenger bucket seating

front seats

3 bucket seats behind driver/passenger

2 bucket seats in the middle

3 more bucket seats along the back


  1. What a blessing to hear!!! We are so happy for you all!!! That is so great how you will have the room you needed. It looks so nice and I know you all will enjoy it so much! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Love you all

  2. That's wonderful! Now if I visit we can all travel together! :) Looks like it was kept very well too.

  3. That is awesome!!!! I love it!!!