Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Thought I would give a quick update since delivery :) Our girl is starting to grow and I think she's finally putting some weight on. At her one week check up she had not gained any weight since leaving the hospital. I felt she wasn't doing well during our nursing sessions so I started pumping (moan!) I've been giving her my pumped milk all week and she just gobbles it down!! Now that she is more alert and the jaundice is mostly gone, I'm hoping to try to go back to nursing her without having to pump (we'll see how she does). I think she just likes using me more as a pacifier than anything. I'm praying we can get this nursing thing down together!!

 I had a rough first week and a half. I started getting severe pain and had a fever after 7 days. We went to the doctor and I think things are finally getting back to normal :) I will go for a CAT scan on my abdomen in July to check on my distasis recti. It gets a little worse with each pregnancy, but the doctor did not feel any hernia developing.

 We have actually started back into our new school year. Crazy I know after less than 2 weeks, but the kids are excited about it. We will start slow (doing maybe 1/2 days) and work our way up to a full day. Our 9 year old (who should be entering grade 4) will only need a few months to finish grade 4 completely before starting into 5th grade. Our 6 yr old is starting grade 2, and our 4 yr old will be learning more phonics and developing his reading skills.

 Other than that, we are adjusting to our new days, our new schedule. I can already see that I need to become MORE organized in order to accomplish feedings, chores, school, etc. I can see some charts in my future!!!


  1. Don't age your boy so fast! He's got a few months of being six left! :) Glad everyone is doing better especially you and K5!

  2. Hahaha...didn't even catch that!!! Can I still blame it on 'pregnancy brain'.

  3. Glad to hear that you're feeling better and hopefully, the scan in July will turn out fine! Know the pumping has to be frustrating but glad our baby girl is gaining. We pray she'll pick up the nursing soon. Glad you're getting in a routine.

    I love your new picture at the top of the page!!!!

    Love you all

  4. Glad you're doing better Alissa! Can't believe you've already started back to school. I have a hard time doing school with one and preschool with another with a toddler and baby to look after. :-) Hope she gets the hang of nursing soon!

  5. you're starting school with a new baby?! You go girl! Hope you have a great school year. Praying that your nursing sessions will go better. Isabelle just wanted to sleep for like the first 2 weeks. The dr. wanted me feeding her every 2 hours because she was losing, not gaining. I find the first month the toughest, trying to adjust to lack of sleep, nursing often, all those dr. appts...take one day at a time and remember that the Lord is there to give you strength on those days when you think you have none!

  6. Trusting the Lord that all will work out well with you and our precious wee girl. Hang in there honey.
    Hope you have a good school year,and it isn't too much for you right now.
    I too like the new picture you have up.
    Love you sweetheart.