Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Thank you for all your prayers! Baby is head DOWN!!! (well, for now....hahah) The technician says she looks pretty cramped in there so we pray she will stay down until delivery. My blood pressure has been fine this pregnancy, so the doctor is going to let me go into labor on my own (that is the plan for now). I'm hoping she won't go too far past her due date so hopefully within the next week and a half we will see her!
Thank you Lord for hearing and answering this prayer! We pray for a smooth delivery and healthy baby girl soon!


  1. Praise God !!!! That is an answer to prayer !!! So glad your appointment went well. Yes may she stay that way now for sure because it won't be long and our darling,precious girl will arrive.*smile*

  2. So thankful to hear that she is head down. Praying she'll stay that way and that these last couple weeks go by quickly for you!

  3. That is good news. We too are praying for a safe delivery.

  4. We were thrilled to hear the news last week and we continue to pray all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery.

    Love to you all