Tuesday, September 4, 2012


With all the busyness over the past while, I didn't even get the chance to post about our anniversary.  Really, there isn't much to post about because it was spent cleaning up after our hot water heater flood!!  We had to repackage many boxes that had water damage....so our 14th anniversary didn't have a whole lot of 'celebrating'.

It didn't go by, however, unnoticed completely.  Hubby and I reflected back over the years and reminisced about how we met and our 'dates' (the few times we were actually together since he lived in the States and I was in Canada!!).  I realize with each passing year just how special my husband is.  I cherish our close, loving relationship that God has blessed us with.  My hubby still loves to hold my hand, opens doors for me, tells me how beautiful I am (despite the years of changes that have come with childbirth!!).  He makes me feel so very loved and secure.  I could get all mushy but I'll save you from hearing that *grin*.  I am a very blessed woman!  I pray God will bless us with many, many more years ahead with one another because life with my man is a wonderful adventure!!


  1. Ahhhhhh...... that is so sweet!!!! He is a great man,and I'm so thankful God chose him for you. He certainly is a blessing to your family,and ours as well. You are indeed a very ,very blessed woman sweetheart. He is special to us all.
    Hope you received your card.
    Love Mom

  2. Yes, I agree with Mom! That is so-so sweet!!! It's such a great blessing to know that your children have married the one that God has chosen for them and that they are serving God, raising children in the admonition of the Lord and are happy doing it!!! We, too, are so blessed that you became a part of our family 14 years ago!!! Sorry your anniversary wasn't exactly what you would have planned but hope you had a good day anyway.

    Love and hugs

  3. Yes, a husband who loves his wife by self-denial is a gift! Happy Anniversary!!! May God grant you many more anniversaries!!! <3