Tuesday, September 11, 2012

today's pics

I need some new scenery....these pics are starting to look the same :)


  1. Another lot of great pictures Alissa - you certainly do have beautiful and handsome models to work with. The third picture is just too adorable. Son #2 takes some fabulous pictures and those big blue eyes just pop.
    then of course there is baby Alissa - I know, I know I shouldn't say that but everytime I look at her picture I think of you when you were little - beautiful Mom - beautiful daughter.

    Love you all and keep those pictures coming.

  2. Where do I begin? The pics of granddaughter #2 are so cute!! I love pic #2. The colour of dress and barn/whatever,are nice. I love her smile.What a beautiful girl!!!
    All the pictures of our boy are terrific. I like the one with his arms folded,but the 3rd one down from it is cute also. Those colours look good on him too.
    Baby girl looks cute too!! In the last pic,I can see what your Father says about her looking like your Aunt J. It is a sweet picture of her.
    Keep taking those pictures,we never get tired of seeing them. Great shots!! So tomorrow we will see Son #1? *smile*
    Love you.

  3. Wow!!!!! Great pictures!!!! Loved them all!!! The top 3 pictures of our girl are so cute and what a beautiful dress she has on! I agree with Mom that the first picture of our boy would have to be my favorite but I do love all of them and just loved his expression in picture #3! Baby girl's pictures are so cute and sweet! I also missed seeing Son #1!
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures.

    Love you all